Simple Precautions for Spread of Coronavirus in Homes

Bhubaneswar: Being alert and aware can help fight the dangerous Coronavirus outbreak. Simple precautions for households can help prevent spread of the epidemic. a few of the precautions are:

  1.  Milk bags should be washed the moment it enters homes.
  2.  Newspaper delivery at home should be cancelled.
  3. Courier person can place the envelope/pkg in a tray
  4. The tray should beIeft untouched for at least 24 hours.
  5. Maid should be asked not to touch the door.
  6. She should immediately wash her hands after entering the home.
  7. Food deliveries should be avoided as far as possible.
  8. All fruits and vegetables should be washed as soon as it reaches home.
  9. Remotes, phones and keyboards are highly contaminated articles. They should be cleaned once a day using cleaning fluid.
  10.  Hands should be frequently washed when in house or in office, once every hour.
  11. Public transport should be avoided as far as possible.
  12. Taxi services should not be used unless absolutely unavoidable.
  13. Gyms, swimming pool and other exercise areas, where surface contact or air-borne contamination is inevitable should be avoided.
  14. Tuitions, dance/music classes, etc should be avoided.
  15. When returning home from office, shopping, etc. clothes should be discarded, hands and feet thoroughly discarded.
  16. Face should not be touched with hands.
  17. Senior citizens should be stopped from going for the routine walking exercise.
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