Rs 52,000 Looted From Youth In Odisha Through Cyber Fraud

Bhubaneswar: A young man from Kharvel Nagar was looted off Rs 52,000 through cyber crime from his bank account. The cyber crime victim says that he got a call to be informed about a lottery worth Rs 4,000 on Wednesday.

Cyber-crime has started causing worries for people involved in digital India. Sometimes the people are looted by falling into fake lottery trap of fraudsters and sometimes they are threatened.

The fraudsters have also looted huge amount of money from people by hacking their digital payment accounts such as WhatsApp, PhonePe and Google Pay through which the online transactions are usually made.

The tricksters also ask the customers for their account password in relation with submission of documents. Meanwhile, the Commissionerate Police has started investigation to trace the fraudsters.

Efforts have been made to reach out to the tricksters by taking help from Central Government’s ‘Cyber Security’. All the contact numbers from which calls were received have been sent to cyber security team. So far, more than 200 numbers have been blocked by the cyber security team.

The Commissionerate Police is in search of new technologies in order to prevent cybercrime. They have asked the general public to be aware of such messages and phone calls, and to immediately inform the police whenever such situation arrives.

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