Rare Telia Bhola fish worth Rs 5 lakh caught off Odisha coast: Watch

Balasore: A huge and rare Telia bhola fish has been netted by the fishermen from the deep sea in Digha off Odisha Coast.

As per reports, a few fishermen from Digha area had ventured to the sea today when the huge fish fell in the fishing net. Later it was found to be 36 kg in weight whose expected market price is Rs 5 lakh. The fish was auctioned at the fish Auction Centre in Digha and a company from Kolkata bought it.

The intestine of the rare Telia fish is sold at high prices because it is used to manufacture drugs. The membrane gets easily dissolved in water and that is why it is bought by multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Telia Bhola fish also contains a lot of maw, from which drugs are made which can also be sold abroad, according to reports.

According to the fishermen such giant Telia Bhola fish comes twice or thrice in a year. And the fisherman who catches this fish becomes wealthy with just one catch.

Telia is also known as Ghol fish and found in the deep sea. It’s scientific name is Protonibea diacanthus. Also known as black-spotted croaker, Telia fish is found in the Indo-Pacific region. It contains iron, iodine, magnesium, fluoride, selenium and taurine properties. The fish species is sought after for medicinal values by pharmaceutical companies which make use of its fin as well as skin. It is used for making cosmetics as well.

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