Puri: Role of Chitrakar servitors of Lord Jagannath in beautifying three Chariots

The chariots and roads in Puri of Odisha for the world famous Rath Yatra are all set for tomorrow. Ratha Yatra is the most auspicious and cherished festival for the devotees of Lord Jagannath across the world.

Millions of devotees are waiting for this holy festival, as all the necessary arrangements regarding the Ratha Yatra have been concluded.

Three Chariots are all set on the grand road of Puri for the elder brother Balabhadra, sister Shubhadra and Lord Jagannath.

The construction work of the three chariots has been completed while to enhance beauty of the chariots, the Chitrakara sevayats or the artist servitors have a key role to play.

The artist servitors play a pertinent role in making the three chariots look attractive and more beautiful to the eyes.

The Chitrakara Sevayats paint the Parswa Devas and Devis as well as the different corners of the chariots with delicate colors. The idols of gods and goddess are fixed on the sidebars of the three chariots. They also draw different kinds of illustrations on the chariots to make it look more attractive.

Paintings of Horses, Sarathi (charioteer), Olto Sua (folded parrot) and side deities (Parswa Devatas) are dedicatedly made and decorated by giving gorgeous colors by the Chitrakara sevayats.

Similarly, the newly made chariot wheels, Danda, Guja, dwara ghoda, kanyapatta, hanshapatta are also painted beautifully with different colors by the artist servitors.

As the Vishwakarma Maharanas play an important role in the construction of the three chariots, likewise, the painter servitors are indulged in the responsibility of making the chariots look beautiful and attractive by working hard day and night.

The artist servitors are the hereditary servitors of the shrine who are always given the duty of making the colours and arts in the chariots.

Most importantly, they are given the prime duty of coloring the chariot and creating Patti diyan.

A total number of 15 painters are engaged in this divine assignment, who works dedicatedly for the holy work.

The work of the artist servitors begins from Snana Purnima and ends on Netra Utsav.

Previously the painting work was done with water crayons, but now the painting work is done with enamel colors.

Especially according to the Biswakarmas suggestion the Bhoi servitors provide every Parswadevatas to the artist servitors.

Even after getting a small remuneration for their work, the painter servitors consider themselves blessed for working for their Lords’ chariots.

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