Puri Jagannath temple to remain closed for 5 hours today, know why

Puri: The Jagannath temple in Puri shall remain closed for five hours today for the ‘Banaklagi’ ritual, informed the Srimandir Temple Administration on Wednesday.

The famous temple will be closed from 5pm to 10pm for the ‘Banaklagi’ ritual of Lord Jagannath. The Datta Mohapatra sevayats will conduct the ‘banaklagi’ ritual of the holy trinity in isolation hence the darshan will be closed. The temple gates shall be closed for devotees during the rituals. So devotees should not go to the temple during this time period.

After completing the various Nitikanti of the holy trinity, the ‘Banakalagi Niti’ of Mahaprabhu will be done.

Dutt Mahapatra Sevayat will enter the Garbhagruha and perform the ‘Bankalagi’ or srimukh ritual using hingula, harital, conch, saffron, camphor, and other materials. After the Banakalagi ‘ritual, the darshan will begin again after the Lord Jagannath and his siblings were given a bath.

Meanwhile, the door of the shrine was closed by 10:00 pm yesterday. As a result, the devotees who were waiting for darshan had to return without getting darshan of the Holy trinity. The devotees of the state and outside the state have expressed their displeasure over this. The devotee questioned why the darshan was stopped so early yesterday when the darshan usually ends at 12:00pm. 

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