Puri: Banaka lagi ritual of Lord Jagannath today

Puri: The rituals of Lord Jagannath and siblings are going on at the Adapa Mandapa in Gundicha temple in Puri of Odisha. Today is the day when the Banakalagi ritual is to take place. As per the traditions after the completion of the Madhhyanna Dhupa and Dwitiya Bhoga Mandapa rituals the Banakalagi ritual will be held.

The Dutta Mohapatra servitors will perform this secret ritual of the Lord. Lord Jagannath will be decorated with black, white, red, yellow with traditional colours. Different types of natural colours like Hingula, Haritala, Kasturi, Keshar, and the glue of Kaintha will be used to prepare Banaka to decorate the deities.

Tomorrow the Hera Panchami ritual will be organised.

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