Police finds 27 persons stuffed in one Auto Rickshaw: Watch

After stopping an autorickshaw in Uttar Pradesh and learning that the driver was carrying 27 passengers, the policeman was struck speechless. Police officers counting people one by one can be seen in a viral video. The complaint was made from central Uttar Pradesh’s Fatehpur. The autorickshaw can hold six passengers, but when it was checked, at least 27 people, including elderly and children, were jammed inside, excluding the driver. The video was captured by a passerby and shared on social media.

According to local media, the police officers on duty stopped the autorickshaw close to the Bindki Kotwali neighbourhood of Fatehpur to check it with a speed gun. The cops pursued the speeding auto until they caught it. When the police finally ordered the passengers out, they were shocked to see more than 20 people exiting it, according to the reports.

The autorickshaw is taken into police custody.

These infractions have been recorded in the past as well, but the relevant authorities are not taking any serious actions to address this issue. According to experts, such infractions could endanger the lives of the passengers.

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