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Pet dogs to get micro chipped and owners’ names on tags very soon, says BMC

Pet dogs will now have the owners' names on their tag. Along with that it will also be mandatory to get them micro-chipped.

Bhubaneswar: As per the new regulations that are being rolled out by BMC, pet dogs will now have the owners’ names on their tag. Along with that it will also be mandatory to get them micro-chipped. If the dog attacks someone, the owners will be responsible and punished accordingly. If needed, the registration will also be cancelled. Before getting a pet dog, people will have to register themselves with the BMC. This will be made mandatory and not following this will result in strict actions.

The registration can be applied for online. The registration fees will be Rs 500. Following this they will receive a tag from BMC. This tag will contain the owners’ name as well as other important details.

One owner will be allowed to have a maximum of two dogs. When talking the dogs out, using a leash will also be made mandatory.

It has also been suggested that taking dogs out to parks, restaurants, gyms, and malls be banned. Vaccination for dogs has been made mandatory. If a pet dog dies, the owners cannot dump it outside. BMC will arrange a special vehicle for disposal of the bodies of dead pet dogs. A discussion has been held in the BMC office in a meeting regarding the draft SOP.

In a special corporation meeting implementing this by-law has been discussed. While the paperwork is in process regarding this, animal lovers and activists have also been consulted regarding this. Any further proposals can be put forth in the next ten days.

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