Papu Pom Pom begs excuse to Dutee Chand

Bhubaneswar: The brawl between internationally acclaimed sprinter from Odisha Dutee Chand and Odia film actor cum comedian Papu Pom Pom has come to an end after Papu begs excuse in a LIVE show of Kalinga TV.

Controversy arose on Monday related to a poster of upcoming Odia film ‘Mr. Kanheya’ where Papu is playing the protagonist. The controversial poster showed that the actor has held multiple strings in his left hand and the other end of those strings are attached to seven girls, sitting in a row.

Dutee Chand reacted against the poster and claimed that the poster has diminished the prestige of women as a whole. However, it was clear that Dutee had not written anything against the actor in her Facebook post. Rather she had raised voice against the poster and requested that the production company should ban the particular poster.

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Papu said, “Dutee is like my sister. She calls me Papu Bhai. During the shoot, many photos are shot and images are picked to be used for the poster. About this photo, I don’t know. The original concept was that I would hold a rose in the left hand and a handkerchief in the right hand. However, I don’t know how the photo was doctored to appeal like this. This was not a photo officially released by the production company.”

Later a case was also registered against the actor in the Mahila Thana in Bhubaneswar in this matter. However, on Tuesday Papu Pom Pom appeared in a show of Kalinga TV and bagged excuse to Dutee who was interacting with the anchor and Papu Pom Pom through a phone call.

Both Papu and Dutee presented their views before the LIVE audience through the TV show. The matter came to an end after Papu begged excuse to Dutee. Later the actor also sang in the show.

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