Odisha Winter: Nighttime temperature hits 9.8 Degrees Celsius in Paradip

Nighttime temperature continues to decrease in Odisha, influenced by the dry air flowing over the state from the north-northwest direction.

Bhubaneswar: Nighttime temperature continues to decrease across several areas in Odisha, influenced by the dry air flowing over the state from the North-Northwest direction. In the last 24 hours, nighttime temperature has dropped by 2-3 degrees Celsius in various locations.

The average nighttime temperature during this winter in Odisha has reached 15 degrees Celsius. Paradip in Kendujhar district recorded the lowest temperature at just 9.8 degrees Celsius. 16 cities recorded temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius. Fog is being seen at some places.

As the week progresses, the state is expected to experience dry weather. The Regional Meteorological Department has estimated that the nighttime temperature will decrease by two to four degrees Celsius. The weather conditions are likely to return to normal in the later part of the week.

Cold and dry winds blowing from the North-Northwest direction contribute to the intensified winter in Odisha. The impact of winter will be felt til the 15th of December, and from the 16th, both the minimum and maximum temperatures are expected to decrease, as per the regional meteorological department.

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