Odisha: ‘Budhei Osha’ begins from today, Women observe it for well being of offspring


Today is ‘Budhei Osha’. Observed on every Wednesday for a month this special worship is one of the most observed bratas of Odisha in which mothers observe fast wishing betterment of their sons and daughters.

Budhei osha began from today to be observed on every Wednesday. Some people observe Budhei Osha from Gamhapurnima to Indu Purnima while some other observe it from Bhadrab Sankranti to Ashwini Sankranti.

Women observe this brata wishing well being of their sons and daughters. One can observe the fast on this brata either by completely avoiding food and water (Nirjala) or by avoiding only food, especially rice. Lord Budhibaman gets worshiped in this osha. Goddess Bhairabi or Goddess Bimala is prayed as Budhei Devi.

As per the rituals of the Budhibaman osha some elements like flowers of different colours, fruits, incense sticks, durba grass, turmeric powder, gua (betel nut), kaudi (conch), coconut, red cloth (salu kana), sankhaa bangles and vermilion are required for this worship.

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While the brata is observed on every Wednesday, from the first week only a coconut and a betel nut are established at the worship place which are broken on the last week’s worship and offered to the Goddess.

On the Wednesdays in the weeks in between the starting and final worship day, Odia Pitha and other odia cakes are offered. In the last week five types of pithas are prepared. The women observe fast throughout the day and during dinner eat the fruits, sweets etc. offered to the Goddess. Grinding stone and grinding bar (Sila and Silapua) are the two important elements required for this osha as these are regarded as deities.

As per the rituals, in this worship first the sila and silapua are given a holy bath with Gangajal ( holy water from the Ganges). The grinding stone is then decorated as a woman by applying turmeric, vermilion, conch, and flowers to it. Vermilion is applied on the forehead part of the imaginary idol while kohl (eye kajal) in the eyes. There is a special book for this osha. There are five tales in the story of this festival. It is believed that if an issueless woman observes this brata from start to end in a year, she gets bestowed with offspring as a blessing of the brata.

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