Odhana Sasthi in Puri Srimandira: Lord Jagannath to wear ‘Ghodalagi’ to get rid of cold wave

Puri: Lord Jagannath is famous because of many special things. One of those is all His rituals are like human beings. Like, in the winter the Lord and His siblings experience cold and hence a special arrangement is made so that the Lord can get rid of the cold waves. This is called ‘Ghodalagi’.

As per reports, the ‘Ghodalagi’ utsav of Lord Jagannath and His siblings takes place on the Odhana or Prabarona Sasthi day in the famous Lord Jagannath temple in Puri of Odisha.

The Prabarona Utsav or Odhana Sasthi is observed on the Sasthi Tithi (sixth day) in the Sukla Pakshya (bright fortnight) in the month of Margasira. The festival begins on the previous day on the Kurala Panchami day when the ‘Adhibasa’ vidhi gets organised. On the Odhana Sasthi, following the Sakala Dhupa of the Lord the offering comes out followed by the Mailama ritual.

The next step is – the Ghodas or bed sheets that are kept in the Bhogamandapa ghara during the Adhibasa on the previous day are taken in a procession amid sound of Ghanta, Kahali and surrounded by umbrella, the lords are taken on three rounds of the Srimandira that is called pradakshina. This is called Ghodabedha. After Ghoda bedha it is taken to the ratna singhasana.

Ghodalagi traditions will continue till coming Magha Sukhal panchami. The Lords and His siblings will wear different types of such Ghoda during this period to get rid of cold waves.

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