More Than 15 Goats Killed By Unknown Animal In Deogarh Of Odisha

Deogarh: Over 15 goats and two cows were killed after being allegedly attacked by an unknown animal in Chakadihi village under Barkot Block in Deogarh district of Odisha.

According to reports, a herd of goats rushed back into the forest while they were returning from the forest after grazing on Saturday evening. This shocked the goat-keeper and he went to the village to inform the locals about the matter.

Later, they searched for the goats at all possible locations. However, 12 carcasses of the goats were found and three injured goats were rescued by them on the next day after a search in the forest.

On the other hand, over 25 goats are still missing, said sources.

Later, on being informed by the villagers, the Forest Department authorities conducted an investigation of the spot. They have set up two CCTV cameras in the forest in order to know the exact cause behind the mysterious killing of the goats.

The locals are panic-stricken following the incident. They suspect that a wild animal might be behind the killings.

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