Monkey pays tribute to master at funeral: Watch viral video

It is not only humans who get emotional, but animals also become emotional. It has been proved in a recent viral video in which a monkey is seen paying tribute to its master. The video has gone viral after being posted to twitter.

Aslaw CC posted the emotional video on Twitter and wrote, “A monkey paying tribute at the #funeral of its master in #Batticaloa. #truelove,” in the caption. The video has so far earned a number of re-tweets, quote tweets and likes. Many of the users have conveyed that they also got emotional seeing the monkey paying tribute to his master. As per reports, the man was offering food to this stray monkey and thus this grateful langur was sad on his demise. A user commented, “Make me feel crying….” for the emotional video.

As we can see in the video, a monkey is sitting near its master’s body during his funeral. It is touching the face of its master. At one point of time it also bowed down to kiss on his forehead. The langur even tried to pull him by his hand perhaps it was trying to awake him. The loyal monkey was not in a mental position to accept death of the person who was regularly feeding it. The video is reportedly from Batticaloa of Srilanka.

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