Lord Krishna idol of worship room found on tree in Boudh district

Boudh: Today we will show you a shocking video; if you are a true devotee of god, this will give you a glimpse of spirituality and belief.

A rare occurrence has taken place in Baunsuni panchayat Boudh districts. The miraculous incident has taken place in Lalit Aggarwal’s house, who resides near Baunsuni bus stand.

After seeing this video you will wonder, do these miracles really take place in the real world?
Like every usual day, Lalit completed his daily routine, which includes worshiping god, and then, he went for his business work. His wife Sangeeta, after giving coaching to his students, called her husband for tiffin.

After returning to home Lalit witnessed something strange, he saw Basil (Tulsi) leaves scatted all over the floor. He didn’t even find the idol of Lord Krishna in the worship room of the house. After searching everywhere, his daughter called him, as she spotted the idol in the backyard’s mango tree.

This news circulated all over the area like a wildfire. To get a glimpse of Lord Krishna sitting on the tree, a huge crowd flocked to the house of Agrawal.

According to the locals, Lalit has two daughters, and his wife Sangeeta has accepted Lord Krishna as her son, as she has no biological son.

Such incident has occurred several times earlier, where the idol moves to the kitchen or other places of the house as well.

According to Sangeeta, she worships the Lord with utmost devotion and sees a son within him. This instance has grabbed the attention of people instantly.

This kind of incident in modern times has brought solace among the devotees. A large number of crowed have gathered at their residence to see the miracle of Lord Krishna in this modern age.

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