Loot in Bhubaneswar from government quarters

A loot in Bhubaneswar has been reported on Tuesday. The government quarters Pranab Kumar Panda in Unit-VI area has been looted.

Bhubaneswar: In a shocking daylight loot in Bhubaneswar miscreants have targeted a government quarters in Unit- VI area.

The looters have allegedly ransacked the government quarters in Unit 6 area said reliable reports on Tuesday.

Thieves allegedly looted away gold ornaments, bikes, laptops and even the television from the said governmenet quarters.

The police have estimated that the loot will be estimated to be around 15 lakh rupees.

The quarters belonged to one Assistant Section Officer (ASO) identified as Pranab Kumar Panda, who is an employee of the Odisha Assembly.

Police investigation is underway after a complaint was lodged with the Capital police station.

Further detailed report awaited in this matter.

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