Know The Odisha Bound Trains Affected For CAA

Bhubaneswar: In view of repercussion of public agitation at different Railway Stations in Howrah-Kharagpur Railway Section of South Eastern Railway days before and also in North East region, the following trains are cancelled and/or partially cancelled as per the following –


1.22825 Shalimar-Chennai Express from Shalimar on 17.12.2019

2.12841 Howrah-Chennai Coromandal Express from Howrah on 17.12.2019

3.18047 Howrah-Vascodagama-Amaravati Express from Howrah on 17.12.2019

4.22642 Shalimar-Trivandrum Express from Shalimar on 17.12.2019

5.12863 Howrah-Yesvantpur Express from Howrah on 17.12.2019


1.22501 Bangalore-Tinsukia Express from Bangalore on 17.12.2019

2.22878 Ernakulam-Howrah Express from Ernakulam on 17.12.2019

3.22860 Chennai-Puri Express from Chennai on 16.12.2019

4.12503 Bangalore Cant-Agartala Express from Bangalore Cant on 17.12.2019

5.12510 Guwahati-Bangalore Cant Express from Guwahati on 17.12.2019

6.12504 Agartala-Bangalore Cant Express from Agartala on 17.12.2019

7.12507 Trivandrum-Silchar Express from Trivandrum on 17.12.2019

8.12254 Bhagalpur-Yesvantpur Express from Bhagalpur on 18.12.2019

9.12514 Guwahati-Secunderabad Express from Guwahati on 19.12.2019

10.15929 Tambaram-Dibrugarh Express from Tambaram on 19.12.2019

11.12504 Agartala-Bangalore Cant Express from Agartala on 21.12.2019

12.15629 Tambaram-Silchar Town Express from Tambaram on 16.12.2019

13.22611 Chennai-New Jalpaigudi Express fom Chennai on 18.12.2019

The public agitation in Howrah-Kharagpur Railway section is being observed and some trains are being cancelled due to cancellation of connecting trains from various stations. Situation is under observation. Today, train movement to Howrah is normal.

It may be noted that all the above cancellation of trains is the effect of disturbance to Train operations on 13th & 14th December, 2019. As train links are involved, cascading effect of disruption in Train operations has led to the above situation.

To facilitate the stranded passengers and also balancing the train movements, Railways have decided to run a special train from Bangalore to Howrah. 02864 Bangalore-Howrah Special Train leaving Bangalore at 1000hrs on 17th December, 2019 and will arrive at Howrah at 1845hrs on the following day.

Another Special with number 02818 will leave Mysore at 0030hrs on 18th December, 2019 (just after midnight of 17th December) and will arrive at Howrah at 1400hrs on the following day.


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