Helpdesk Mandatory In All Govt And Pvt Covid Hospitals In Odisha

Bhubaneswar: In order to effect better Covid management in the state of Odisha, the government has directed mandatory helpdesk establishment in Covid hospitals.

The order said in order to mitigate the Covid pandemic Government has established a number of Covid treatment facilities across the State.

Further, directions have been issued to the private hospitals to reserve 50% of the total general bed and 80% of ICU in five Municipal Corporation area and 10 % of the total bed in case of other districts.

In spite of all the Covid treatment facilities (both in Government and Private) near and dear ones of the affected are complaining about lack of information and any feedback on the status of the patients.

After the careful examination of the matter, Government has stipulated the following revised guidelines:

  1. Establishing the dedicated Help Desk in each Covid facility with immediate effect.
  2. The help desk must have a dedicated telephone preferably a toll free number.
  3. The toll-Free help One number of the help desk must be intimated to the State Level Authorized Officer i.e. Addl. DM ET Odisha.
  4. The toll-free numbers of all Covid Facilities shall be widely notified.
  5. The help desk sail be manned with sufficient HR so as to attend all calls round the clock in shift manner. (engaging Volunteer groups, NGOs and CSOs in Help Desks may be considered)
  6. The Help Desk team shall also help in increasing  awareness about the necessary safety precautions and follow of Covid appropriate behaviour,
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