Dusshera begins with religious fervour and gaiety in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: The Dusshera festival on Monday began with invocation of the Goddess Durga across Odisha starting from “Sasthi”. It is being celebrated with religious fervour and gaiety across the state.

People attired in new clothes have visited various puja pandals set up in the capital city here and in various towns across the state as to take part in celebrations.

Beautifully decorated clay idols of Goddess Durga, Saraswati, and Laxmi, as well as Lord Shiva, Kartik and Ganesh have been unveiled to the devotees in the colourful Puja pandals here and other places. The Puja pandals presenting artistic themes, various forms of Goddess Durga, craft-works, and illumination have given a unique dimension altogether.

This year, the Vijayadashmi will be celebrated on Friday, October 19.

Adequate security arrangements were put in place in the city on this occasion.

According to legends, Goddess Durga was entrusted with the task of defeated buffalo demon Mahishasura. The ten-armed goddess defeated Mahishasura in an epic battle that ran for days.

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