Complete Shutdown In Dhamnagar NAC For 3 Days

Dhamnagar: The Bhadrak district administration has imposed a 72-hour complete shutdown in Dhamnagar NAC area in view of steep rise of Covid-19 cases.

The shutdown will be effective from 5 am of July 17 to till 5 am of July 20.

During the shutdown period, aggressive contract tracing, quarantine, testing and containment will be carried out in the area, informed sources.

All other activities/institutions including all government offices within the area shall remain closed during the three-day shutdown.

Here are the details of the shutdown order.

  1. All medical establishments including hospitals,clinics and nursing homes including medicine stores, movement of medical ambulance and medical personnel.
  2. Telecom services
  3. Petrol pumps
  4. Block, tehsils and Municipal Administration/ police/fire services.
  5. Print and electronic media identified by SP,Bhadrak
  6. Water-supply, sanitisation and sewerage workers
  7. Electrical supply and distribution
  8. Movement of good and good carriers, whether loaded and unloaded.
  9. Industrial establishments, factories and related to construction activities.
  10. All agriculture,horticulture and allied activities.
  11. All diary,fisheries,animal husbandry and allied activities.
  12. Newspaper hawkers between 5am to 8am.
  13. ATM and critical financial institution
  14. Movement of any person in case of medical or other emergency
  15. Safety and protection of vulnerable persons
  16. Marriage and funerals with permission of local police stations
  17. Move of private vehicles and taxis
  18. Lpg distribution and home delivery of cooking gas and associated facilities.

Any violation of these guidelines shall be liable to prosecution under the penal provisions of the Disaster Management Act, 2005 and Sec 188 of IPC.

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