Bride groom kissing viral video: Bride kisses groom ‘with love’: Watch

A lovable video has gone viral on internet recently where a bride is seen kissing her hubby. What it seems prima facie there was no such planning of lip-locking, but when the groom is tying the mangal sutra to his partner, his face naturally comes quite close to her face, and perhaps then she thought of kissing him in his leap.

Shared by Witty_wedding on October 25 the video has gone viral earning more than 27,500 likes along with a huge number of comments on Instagam. The sweet video was captioned as, “Awww it’s totally with love and adorable.”

As we can see in the video a bride and her groom are sitting in a marriage pandal and the traditional rituals are going on while family and relatives are around. Meanwhile the groom is tying mangal sutra to the lady, when his face comes much closer to the face of the lady. It is hard to know what feeling then came to the mind of the lady, but she gives a look towards the camera and the very next moment locks lip with the groom for a very short while. Yet, the kiss seems to be very much backed by love and surely that is adorable.

The video has earned mixed reactions. A user wrote, “
It would have been very embarrassing for the family in front of friends and relatives…..Indian society is going through a transition from old values to new…..but it is tearing apart old people…who are still holding to their traditional values….”

Another user comments it to be, “So cute.”

Watch the video here:

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