Baliyatra 2022: Evenings filled with joy, laughter and excitement

Cuttack: The historic Baliyatra in Cuttack district of Odisha seems to be a welcome relief for people who were stuck at home for two years due to the Covid pandemic.

People from all over Odisha are flocking to the historic Cuttack Baliyatra. Both the upper and lower fields of the fare have turned into places filled with a sea of people.

The lower and upper fields of the Cuttack Baliyatra have been decorated with beautiful and colorful garlands of light. The people are enjoying eating delicious food of various kinds.

People are being treated to mesmerising cultural programs and enjoying sitting on various joyrides. Huge crowds are gathering everyday to witness the Laser light show and the unique ‘Cuttack in Cuttack’ pavilion.

From young children to adults, everyone is seems to be happy and delighted with the experience of Baliyatra. Along with this, there is a strong enthusiasm and interest in the minds of the audience to watch the cultural program on the open air stage at the Baliyatra.

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