Bahara Chandana Jatra of Lord Jagannath to be held in Puri amid Covid restrictions

Puri: The famous Chandana Jatra of Lord Jagannath and His siblings in Puri of Odisha is to be held amid Covid restrictions. The festival will be organised with minimum participation of people keeping in view the pandemic.

As per reports, a meeting of the Chhatisha Nijog will be held on May 11. Before that the list of people who will be permitted to take part in the festival, will be prepared.

It is to be noted that last year the bahara (outside) Chandan Jatra had been organised inside the Srimandira premises due to the pandemic.

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Preparations and precautions for the festival have already been started. A meeting was held in the chairmanship of SJTA Chief Administrator Dr. Krishan Kumar where it was also discussed how the festival can be organised by abiding Covid restrictions. Door to door visit will be made for the vaccination of the sevayats. If required, an additional vaccination centre will also be opened. Discussions have been made with a seven member team and officials regarding abiding of Covid restrictions during the festival.

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