7th Pay Commission: Central government has taken these decisions for central employees so far this year

The Modi government has taken many decisions so far this year regarding central employees and pensioners. In the Corona era, there were some decisions which are currently impacting the pockets of the employees, so many facilities were also given. Apart from this, the government has also given relief to pensioners. At the same time, the government also clarified about the situation of continuing confusion regarding retirement.

First of all, regarding the dearness allowance, the central government had decided in April that the dearness allowance of employees will not increase from January 2020 to June 2021. The decision was also implemented on pensioners besides employees, amid the ongoing battle with the Corona epidemic. However, the government also clarified that this system would be restored later. This decision of the government is directly impacting salary and pension.

At the same time, rosters were re-implemented in all departments to follow social distancing at Lockdown. Due to this, many employees had to go to office only two or three days a week. But at present, this system has almost been abolished. The government has decided that the employees will be given separate allowance for doing duty at night. Earlier these allowances were given on the basis of grade pay but the government has stopped it.

Apart from this, it was also decided to provide provisional pension to the employees who retire during the Corona period till the pension payment order comes. In the midst of the Corona crisis, the Modi government on Friday released the benefit table of the Central Government Employee Group Insurance Scheme for central employees.

Till retirement, a Central Government employee continues to contribute to the Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme (CGEGIS ). The CGEGIS 1980 plan comes with insurance coverage and also acts as a savings fund for the employee.

Regarding the retirement of central employees, the Modi government has recently cleared the situation of confusion on some issues. The government has made it clear that the government can retire the personnel who are 50/55 years old or who have completed 30 years in the job. The government has the right to do so in the public interest.

The government has stated in clear terms that the government can retire the employees even before the time if they want. The government has referred to new rules in this context, eliminating ambiguity in the interpretation of the old order.

(The Hindi version of this story was published by jansatta.com)

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