7th Pay Commission: Central Employees Get 17 Percent DA Instead Of 21, But Now They Will Get These Three Benefits

Central employees are getting 17 percent Dearness Allowance (DA) instead of 21 percent due to Corona crisis. Dearness allowance will not increase from January 2020 to June 2021 of central government employees.

The government has also banned the DA hike to be held in January 2021. In this case, the decision on DA can be taken after July next year. However, the government has been relieved on leave travel allowance (LTA), leave travel concession (LTC) and bonus to the central employees who are frustrated with DA.

The government has extended LTA facility for two years for travel to the Northeast, Ladakh, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Jammu and Kashmir. Under LTA, employees get travel allowance if they go somewhere else. Employees can go for a walk with their family or alone. Apart from this, LTC Cash Voucher Scheme has been introduced. In this, employees can buy goods or services of value equal to 3 times the rail or air fare in lieu of holidays.

The government is offering an advance of Rs 10 this festive season. It can be availed through prepaid RuPay card. The prepaid RuPay card will be active till March 31, 2021. That is, this amount can be spent till March 31, 2021. This loan is interest free.

At the same time, more than 30 lakh employees have been given bonuses. Productivity and non-productivity linked bonuses have been issued for FY 2019-2020. However it has been given to non-gagged employees only.

(With inputs from jansatta.com)

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  1. Manjit Singh4 says

    But Govt has deprived Helpless Pensioners, of their DA but compensated Govt employees with Bonus/Cash Vouchers

  2. Balasubramanian says

    For Central Government employees, if they lose DA they get some other things to compensate. But pensioners, they lose so many things like DA, reduction in interest in scss, and no concessions in railways. More than than that, they are not allowed in temples like TTD. So becoming sr. Citizen is sin.

  3. Sujatha says

    The existing govt emp. Are benefitted with ltc and other benefits. But what about retired pensioners. With the increased cost they need DA

  4. Rajkumar Kalyani says

    Why not given bonus to University non-teaching employees, after 2015 stopped. Injustice and in recruitment and promotions applies Central govt.guidelines. why not for bonus.

  5. A. S. Malhotra says

    What benefits to government PENSIONERS? No LTC/BONUS/DF,

  6. Gs says

    Sab Bakvas hau

  7. SRINIVAS says

    What about Pensioners?what sin they have done. How they live?

  8. Nirmal Chand Salgani says

    What about pensioners. They are compelled to survive without such type of benefits like LTC. State Govt pensioners are entitled to avail LTC also but central govt pensioners is away from this facility. Central Govt should also look this

  9. K.S.Venkataraman says

    Government completely conveniently forgetting retired pensioners who are finding it difficult to both ends meet in the absence Dearnessrelief hike.

  10. Nirmal Chand Salgani says

    What about pensioners. Central pensioners are compelled to survive without such type of benefits like LTC while state govt pensioners are entitled to avail LTC facility like employee. Central govt should also consider this type of benefits for its pensioners.

  11. RK NAIR says

    To alleviate the financial constraints faced by the pensioners they be paid DA from Jan 2020.
    Lowest income from interest, ban on DA and ever increasing cost of living these old guards are at the receiving end.
    Hope PM will be generous towards this lot

  12. T Narsimlu says

    DA has been freezes to the employees and no benefit of MPs and Ministers were reduced. DA freeze has effected all and also the retiring persons in terms of retirement benefits. The LTC encasement is of no use to employees and extension of LTC also because of covid-19. In every aspect only employees are affected. Now government is getting more and more GST collections and economy also improving. At least now DA has to be released to employees.

  13. Prabhakaran says

    All Central Govt Pensioners are above 60 to 100 ages are get heavy hardship not getting DA which match to equal higher Price but Govt grant 10L LTC and Bonus to sevice employee get idenity Partially

  14. S. K. Mukherjee says

    Central Government must also think of the pensioners. Some benefits should be extended to the retired government employees.

  15. L. R. Das. says

    Instead of giving any monetary benefits to the pensioners in place of Bonus etc, the Center Government may consider for the exemption of payment of Income Tax by the pensioners. This would no doubt be a great financial help to the pensioners.

  16. Mriganka says

    Will they get the LTC every month?
    Pensioners should be given DA as sabji and other foods became mahargha.

  17. AS Rao says

    Employees getting full salary need not bother for additional freezed DA due to covid. The govt sympathetic to give LTC benefits for regular employees but Pensioners are more losers not getting any so called Diwali gifts announced by FM

  18. A.s.khan says

    Please stop the pension payments for the politicians till the corono ends

  19. Rajesh p sinha says

    What about those senior employee (whose basics was more that to starting basics so won’t get any monetary benefits )but have been adhoc promoted to level 8 & got only ?nn

  20. Vikrant sharma says

    Advance of rs 10 or rs 10,000 ?

  21. J.Singh says

    Pensioners should be given DA as prices of essential commodities have increased manyfold. They are facing acute hardships due to this.

  22. D Venkata Narayana Rao says

    Freezing DA/DR till June, 2021 is not a good gesture. Infact, it’s against the principles of natural justice and the decision is arbitrary. Government should reconsider this. Giving Advance and LTC facilities shows business attitude.

  23. R.Santhanam says

    What about Pensioners?

  24. Kachwala says

    Should pensioners are at mercy of govt? How to manage?

  25. Govind Vingadassamy says

    While employees are gifted with Bonus pensioners can be benefited by revised DA arrears

  26. Anil says

    @sujatha and @AS Malhotra. Dear pensioners, atleast u r getting pension on basis of old pension scheme. Ab to bas kro. Hum se jada hi mil raha hai aap logon ko ghar bethe bethe

  27. Sreenivasan A K says

    What about the pensioner? It is one of the big injustice to the pensioner not to be given any DA increase since January 2020.

  28. Harbinder Singh says

    Nobody is moving out brcoz of corona wt to do wth ltc.they r making everyone fool

  29. Jeev says

    What for pensioners?

  30. GMK Sarma says

    I too am a pensioner !

  31. Girish Kumar M says

    Every time pensioners are the most effected, no DA, no bonus, no extra benefits. They are left to fend themselves, they don’t get any benefits from government as they don’t fall under the bpl category. Very pathetic. And moreover no one to address their issues.

  32. Rrp says

    Very sad that pensioners are being ignored

  33. Gita says

    All right for serving employees..but you cannot even imagine the plight of pensioners..most of us are struggling without any respite in sight..we could have been spared the DA freeze

  34. Mukund says

    State government follow the central steps, but we don’t get lta or ltc, what shall we do now?? Why the government wants to make us scapegoats every time they are short of money….. Not fair at all

  35. Kumud says

    Those retired after 31st Dec. 2019 are not only deprived from DA, they are getting less in all pensionery benifits provided in liue of whole service rendered viz. commuted value of pension, DCRG, leave salary, and monthly pension.

  36. Suman says

    Its not 10 rupees. Its 10000 rupees. Check your mistakes

  37. Sachin singh says

    What abt family pensioners and pvt employees all government benifets r for govet employees govet has to put thare site on pvt employees alsow no hikes they get in thare sallery at any hight Influtetation rate gose no govet cares abt them not ieven say any thingh on it any positive changes comes only in govet employees is this nation or government is only for govet employees pvt employees r not humenbeing they have no family they have no stomach with them sir they alsow have fellings

  38. S. Nagaraj says

    This is really very bad. You cannot treat pensioners this way. Let them stop DA for regular employees as it is all of them or getting a heafty salary and many benefits but where as pensioners can expect only a small hike by means of DA. Hope everyone will agree.

  39. Aloke Ranjan Das says

    DA should be released to pensioners with effect from 1st January,2021.

  40. VS Kataria says

    We want to know the current policy for pensioners. Are pensioners be benifited by any means in present financial crises like existing Govt employees have given bonus, LTC as cash and etc


    It’s requested to feel about the old retired person who have given their blood for the prosperity of Railway, they should give LTA For AIR TRAVEL ONCE In A YEAR For HUSBAND And WIFE AS THEIR LIVES ARE LIMITED. God BLESS ALL.

  42. Prem Nath Gupta says

    Pensioners should be provided enhanced DA to meet both ends.There is no other source in the hands of pension holders to anul increased cost of living.

  43. Koppala Madhusudhana Rao says

    Existing central government employees will get benefits including bonus. What about retired employees who are depending on pension were stopped DA. Don’t compare retired employees with serving employees.

  44. Lakshman says

    Why Modi govt acting silly ? Around election time, one or two newspapers start eulogising BJP Govt. He has no respect for others. Tell him to conduct periodical press interviews.

  45. Kevin says

    Why your government is ruining the pensioners? Why you have no concern for us? Our eligible 3% DA has been withheld with your govt for 1.5 years?

  46. Agaram krishna Murthy umesh says

    I am deaf pensioner and need DA,bonus and LTC.i kindly request you to provide such benefits to physically challenged central government employees as per special case,regards,A.K.Umesh



  48. Vijay Pathak says

    What about we pensioners any benefit provided to us too any senior citizens concession and discount anywhere

  49. Anand Prakash Srivastava says

    Very disappointing move towards central govt employees and pensioners. Thanks for keeping our moral down.

  50. Ashutosh says

    Very hard working government employees need more and more. My question is why the pay scale for government and private sector is not same. Why you need government jobs where there is no liberty to learn, work, study, enhance but liberty to waste your time. Salary and increment is always there weather a firm is in loss or profit.

    Shame on government employees.

  51. Parag C Bairagi says

    Govt. must not hamper on the entitlements bisecting between Employees and Retired Pensioners. Because Price Hike doesn’t exempt anybody.

  52. cvramaiah says

    Good govt is doing for working employees in lieu of DA.How about pensioners. They are not getting any thing.
    Govt should also give LTC vouchers for retired employees and family to go any where once in an year of their entitled class.

  53. Cv Ramaiah says

    Do some thing to pensioners in lieu of DA like working class

  54. Apparao N says

    It is very pain full to all pensioner’s that exiting employees May get some of the benefits, but not everyone. Moreover least pension/family pensioner’s are in great trouble due to stopping of DA from Jan 2020.market prices increasing day by day
    Government should consider to pay increasing DA regularly at least pensioner’s

  55. Haokip says

    Lol… You think LTA/LTC and Festival advance are benefits? We are not fools ok..

  56. Haokip says

    Give us our DA, that’s what we all want.

  57. Shankar says

    lol. useless post. Bonus was always there. And festival advance(which is to be repay in installment) was also always there, LTC cash is a crap we have to spend more than what we got. Useless things…hopeless government could not even increase DA.

  58. Vijarangan says

    Vanakkam. Kindly consider these benefits especially for pensioners along with D.A from January 2020. Nearly 21000 retired personal affecting moe i.c by the way of Gratuity, Leave encashment,Monthly Pension Etc. Kindly look in to matter

  59. Prakash says

    Must think about retired government servants.

  60. Sati Bagchi says

    Pensioners should be considered enhanced DA keeping in mind that present cost of living has shoot up sky high. Widow pensioners are also struggling hatd

  61. D S Naik says

    In the light of various benifits given to existing employees Govt may pl think about da release to pensioners which is freezed till June 2021

  62. j manoharan says

    We the pensioner getting nothing. I sent tweet to honourable Prime minister to release the DR due for Jan20 and Jul 20 at the earliest yo enable the senior Citizen of this great young India to celebrate the forthcoming festival with their children and grandchildren happily.

  63. Ayub alam says

    this three benefits are just to make fool govt employees. This govt is anti employees

  64. GKMoorthy says

    I requested Our PM to look and take care for after retiring people those who are affect health problem like sugar/Cardiac etc.

  65. S Nagaraj says

    No this is not done. Let them freeze DA for regular employees and release only for pensioners. As regular employees are getting a heafty salary but where as pensioners can expect only a small hike by means of DA. Government should seriously think about this and take immediate decision on releasing DA for only pensioners.

  66. Asit Chatterji says

    Why the pensioners are left behind? Very unfair.

  67. Joykutty M says

    Working govt servants are not getting DA increase, but govt has announced seceral benefit packages. Persioners may be given at least DA

  68. Venkatesalu says

    DA is being given based on consumer index, but freezing is negative. Except freezing DA, all other issues are smooth. What is the SIN, the Pensioners committed to suffer like this for 18 months. Are not Pensioners voting to these politicians, when they announce elections. Shame to have the DA formulas on consumer price index.

  69. Anil sharma says

    Kum se kum state ke pensioners KO D.A. centre govt. Ke anusar de Dena chahiye.

  70. PAWAN GATTANI says

    महामारी के मौजूदा विसमय दौर में कुछ अहम निर्णय सरकार ने लिए उनका तहे दिल से स्वागत है। कम आय वर्ग को वित्तीय संबल प्रदान किया उसी परिपेक्ष में पैन्शनर्स का खयाल रखते हुए या तो डी ए बढाना जरुरी और या विशेष तौर पर आय कर में राहत का मरहम जरुरी है।

  71. Vikas Sharma says

    This govt. gives a damn to pensioners and senior citizens.
    First time someone who does not care at all about their own pensioners and senior citizens.

  72. Anil Kumar says

    Govt should not ignore retired personnel while declaring such benefits.

  73. Anil Kumar says

    Why retired personnel should be deprived of while declaring such benefits.

  74. Balachandran says

    My wife who is retiring in July 2021 has reimbursed 60 days el for ltc.but she has one more home town ltc left now. Whether she can avail the package announced now ?

  75. Debasis says

    What about of central pensioners. They are rejected as an old cow that has given its asset, now unable to provide. Were they treated as cows and now are they handed over to cow eaters?

  76. Harishdubey Dubey says

    Why do not for employees why not casual labours hav those facilities

  77. Harishdubey Dubey says

    Why do only for employees why not casual labours hav those facilities

  78. Syeed Kamil and others says

    The Central Govt should also restore the old pension scheme and wind off NPS Scheme . Old pension scheme is better .

  79. Vibhu K.R. says

    Even pensioners are to be considered for some benefits from the government. It has become really difficult for pensioners in these days of skyrocketing prices of vegetables, goods and services and electricity. May I expect government would take some action to benefit the pensioners too.

  80. Harihar says

    Present employees benefit from the decision. Apply the term One Rank One Pay & accordingly workout / revise the pension amount irrespective of when an employee retired.

  81. B Bheema Rao says

    Repeated and repeated on the the same subject of DA in respect of Govt servents including retired personal. Its okay for in-service employs who can mannage with other allowances but what about pensioners whose income is limited and most suffering in these pandemic situation. Neither the govt thinking nor the so called Association. Save us by the grace of GOD.

  82. Bhaskar Bhamere says

    Nothing new in your news….it is already in public domain.

  83. Bhaskar Bhamere says

    Nothing new in your news….it is already in public domain. Useless…..

  84. Murali says

    Really there is no benefits with above.
    LTA there is a condition that employee has to spend three times the advance and produce bill with a tax amount of 12.5% and above Infact Governament gets back lion share of the advance.
    Festival advance is a loan. It’s to be returned back. This given as a rupay card, to be spent before March 2021. They are ensuring that allowance given to you is spent as early as possible. Employees do not have much liberty to spent their own money. Governanent is ensuring that their employees are converted as a big consumers, virtually encouraging businessmen. They are cheating it’s employees by not giving DA. Concept of DA is literally killed by MODI led central governament.

  85. Bharath says

    Very high compare to banker salary

  86. D. Balasubramanyam says

    Cutting the DA for Central Government employees & pensioners the government has allocated thousands of Crores for Corona virus pandemic. Who got this thousands of Crores?

  87. Bheemasankar Gadepalli says

    Employees superannuating between 31-01-2020 to30-6-2021 are deprived of enhanced DA benefite on their settlement dues.EmployeesDA is frozen between 01-01-2020 to30-6-2021.But grave injustice has been done by not allowing DA benefite on settlement dues which has been given all along

  88. Bheemasankar Gadepalli says

    Employees superannuating between 31-01-2020 to30-6-2021 are deprived of enhanced DA benefite on their settlement dues which was enjoyed by employees all along doing injustice to retirees during the period.EmployeesDA is frozen between 01-01-2020 to30-6-2021.

  89. Bheemasankar Gadepalli says

    Employees superannuating between 31-01-2020 to30-6-2021 are deprived of enhanced DA benefite on their settlement dues which was enjoyed by employees all along doing injustice to retirees during the period.

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