701 food items offered to God in Odisha’s Puri on Byanjan Dwadashi: watch

Puri: In a rare incident devotees offered as many as 701 food items to God in the Gourabihar Ashram here in Odisha on Wednesday. The special offering had been prepared on the occasion of Byanjan Dwadashi.

As per legend, on Byanjan Dwadashi Mother Yashoda had prepared a number of food items for her son, Lord Krishna. Based on this mythological episode, the Gourabihar Ashram of Puri had prepared the number of offerings.

As per reports, about 100 cook including male and female prepared the 701 items under the aegis of Mahanta Subala Maharaj. The foods included different types of rice, dal, fries, chutney, papad, Raitaa, khir and a number of curries.

After being offered to the God, the food items were distributed among devotees and saints who consumed it on leaves. The devotees felt happy to get the offerings.

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