5 members of Bhubaneswar’s KBN group taken on 2 days remand

Bhubaneswar: Among the 29 members of self-styled Koi Bhai Nahin (KBN) group, also called as Rakta Charitra gang, Commissionerate Police has taken five accused youth on a two days remand. Reportedly, they have been brought from Jharapada Jail, Bhubaneswar amid tight security.

The five alleged criminals who have been taken in custody are identified as Suman Kumar Parida, Rajesh Behera, Sanatan Behera, Rahul Jena and Narendra Kumar Sahu. The police had sought for a seven days remand, however only a two days remand was granted.

It is expected that Commissionerate Police will be successful to gather several important information from them during the interrogation.

The cops are investigating to ascertain the link regarding the deal of guns and who is the mastermind behind the deals.

It is to be noted that two key members of this group, identified as Chenga and Sania, surrendered themselves before a local court on Tuesday following which a total of nine members of KBN group are now in custody. Cases have been registered against 29 members of the group.

This gang wanders around the city with guns and sharped weapons in expensive cars. Few videos have surfaced where the members of this gang were seen dancing in the middle of road in inebriated state. A video also showed the members of the gang partying on a vehicle by parking it on the middle of a National Highway.

They have been shooting their videos at various parts of the capital and sharing them as Instagram reels. The police is verifying the videos to ascertain the time and location where these were shot.

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