Why Lord Jagannath is worshipped as Patitapabana in Darji sahi of Pipili

Puri: Many legends are associated with Lord Jagannath. One of such legends had taken place long back in erstwhile Pipili area of today’s Puri district.

This episode is mysterious and exciting in which a Nawab from the then Bengal tried to steal Lord Jagannath but the idols disappeared and later found by a saint. And these deities are worshipped in the Darji sahi of Pipili in Puri district and the Lord is known in the name Patitapabana.

There is a legend behind it. And this legend is mysterious as well as spiritual. Nawab Muhammad Taqi Khan, from erstwhile Bengal came to Shreekhetra during his erstwhile Odisha invasion. He tried to steal the idols of Lord Jagannath and siblings.

As per the legend, as there was no road communication he was taking the idols to Bengal via the water route with the help of a boat.

At night, when Taqi Khan was taking rest at erstwhile Tarakaz Huda in Pipili the idols had disappeared. After that Taki Khao returned disappointed.

Later, an Abdhut Baba found Lord Jagannath at the foot of an Ashwath tree. He took the deities to the Darji Sahi at Nimapada chowk of Pipili and asked the Darji servitor to worship the Lord there.

Since then the deities were worshipped there. Initially the idols had been kept at a thatched structure, and later, a new temple was built with the help of the villagers there.

All the festivals of Lord Jagannath are organised here while the worship takes place with all the rituals like the Lord Jagannath temple in Puri. Also, the deities are adorned with different Beshas. While yagnya and Rath Yatra organised here, Rath yatra is also done. Starting from Snana Purnima, all the rituals are observed like in Puri temple.

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