Apple electric car project cancelled after a decade-long effort

Amid challenges like economic downturn, cost concerns, and pressure for innovation, Cupertino giant Apple has reportedly canceled its electric car project- Project Titan. The announcement was made during an internal meeting by COO Jeff Williams and project noss Kevin Lynch, reported Bloomberg. Media reports have suggested that Apple has invested more than $10 billion in this project.

Project Titan which originally began as an MPV-sized autonomous vehicle and later changed to electric vehicle spanned for a period of a decade. Even though top talent from companies like Porsche and NASA were included in the project, it could not make things works. There were multiple obstacles faced by it. According to reports by New York Times around 2,000 technicians were working in the project when Apple plugged out the plans for the vehicle. Some major factors like the global economic situation and declining demand for EVs is assumed to be the reason behind the call.

Another factor that might have forced Apple to take the step is the high cost of the car. The Apple car was estimated to be above $100,000 and this is something that a regular user might not have liked. It is important to mention that car manufacturers like Tesla, Renault, and Volkswagen have already stressed the affordability of electric vehicles.

According to a foreign publication, Apple also faced challenges in introducing something groundbreaking. Reports have suggested that Apple was looking forward to having a sunroof that minimized heat from the sun, a windshield displaying directions, etc. The implementation of unique features added complexity to the project.

Autocar UK reported that Apple had a major issue in making the platform of the car. The brand never made a partnership with any manufacturer to build a secure platform. The appointment of former Lamborghini chassis chief Luigi Taraborrelli hinted that Apple was planning to create its in-house platform.

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