Kim Jong Un picks 25 virgin girls annually for ‘pleasure squad’: Reports

New Delhi: Reports have claimed that North Korea leader Kim Jong Un picks 25 virgin girls annually for his ‘pleasure squad’. This sensational information was reportedly revealed by a young woman who escaped from North Korea.

“A North Korean defector has told of how dictator Kim Jong-un selects 25 virgin girls annually to join his creepy ‘Pleasure Squad’,” reported Mirror.

As per reports, the said 25 women are chosen on the basis of their ‘looks and political loyalty’, according to Yeonmi Park.

Reportedly, Park further revealed that she was considered twice for this squad but didn’t make it due to her “family status”.

As per reports, once the selection team finds a beautiful girl, initially the girl’s family status and political status are checked.

If any family members of a certain girl has escaped from North Korea the said girl is rejected. Also, if the family has relatives in South Korea or other countries, the girl is also rejected.

Reportedly, later a medical examination is conducted to check virginity of the girl. Once a girl pass this test, she needs to face another rigorous medical check. In this check the girl is rejected even if a small scar is found anywhere on the body.

Finally, once a girl is selected her sole purpose becomes pleasing the dictator, as per Park.

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