WhatsApp Delta: Downloading this mod can lead you in trouble, Know details about it

When it comes to major instant messaging apps, WhatsApp has been way ahead of other apps like telegram, signal and others. The popularity of WhatsApp is second to none in Android as well as iOS. As the number of developers is more on Android as compared to iOS, there is a huge availability of different mods for WhatsApp on Android. These mods are provided by different apps that are either available on Play Store or are third-party apps. Users on Android download these apps to avail some features or mods that the original version doesn’t offer. Among such apps is WhatsApp Delta. However using this app can lead to severe consequences and sometimes suspension of your account.

What is WhatsApp Delta

WhatsApp Delta or GBWhatsApp Delta is mod which is developed by Deltalabs Studio. The mod is an updated version of a previous mod known as GBWhatsApp. Users get an option for making customisations such as Primary Color, Application Theme, Message UI, Custom Font Style, Home UI and many others.

Some other features which are included in the app are auto-reply, blocking calls, hiding online status, conceal typing notification and many others. Users have the privilege of sending large files through this mod. The users can send large audio files, video files and images of high quality to other WhatsApp users. The users can also extend the duration of the status through their app. Users can even edit a message which they have already sent by using this mod, reported PersiaDigest.

How is WhataApp Delta downloaded

This App is not available on Google Play Store for download. If someone has to use this app they can download the APK file from third-party websites. However, users should keep in mind that before installing the mod they are supposed to back up the chats and uninstall the original app (failing to back up the data can cause permanent deletion). Then, they can install WhatsApp Delta.

It is worth noting that installing any modified version of WhatsApp is illegal and it is not recommended by Google. If you are found using any mods which violate the rules of WhatsApp, they can get blocked for a brief period of time.

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