WhatsApp adds three new features to enhance security of users

WhatsApp has launched three new features to enhance privacy and security for users to prevent unauthorized access and malware attacks.

WhatsApp, which has billions of users worldwide, has launched three new features to enhance privacy and security. The features will reportedly help protect against unauthorized access to user accounts and mobile device malware. The new set of security feature include Account Protect, Device Verification, and Automatic Security Codes.

WhatsApp feature tracker WeBetainfo first noticed these features and shared about them on Twitter with a post that said, ” WhatsApp announces account security features with new device verification and automatic security codes! They help users prevent unauthorized access to accounts and protect against mobile device malware, and they will be available over the coming months.”

Let’s check in details about the latest security features of WhatsApp.

Account Protect

The Account Protect enables users to set up a PIN code for the access of their account. This adds an extra layer of security to users’ accounts against unauthorized access. With an extra PIN code security, even if someone gets their hands on user’s phone they can’t open the WhatsApp account.

Device Verification

WhatsApp has also introduced a new Device Verification feature that would secure the user’s account from mobile device malware that gains unauthorized access to an account to send unwanted messages.

Automatic Security Codes

WhatsApp’s new Automatic Security Code will periodically refresh the security code used to encrypt users’ messages. This will stop potential attacks from hackers who try to intercept and decrypt users’ messages.

All these new features will be available for both Android and iOS users, as per reports.  To access the new features, users can update their app to the latest version and enable the features in the app’s settings.

These new features are part of the company’s ongoing efforts to provide a more secure and private experience for its users, said WhatsApp in a statement. Meanwhile, Meta had recently announced their campaign ‘Stay Safe with WhatsApp’.

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