Surprising yet true! World’s first AI child Tong Tong behaves just like human toddler

In this age of AI, there are many inventions that will surprise you from the core. One such invention in the field of AI is Tong Tong, World’s first AI child. This AI child has emotional development just like a three/ four year old human. This AI has been developed by General Artificial Intelligence (BIGAI) and its name means ‘Little Girl’.

Tong Tong made its debut at the Frontiers of General Artificial Intelligence Technology Exhibition, held last month (January 2024). The AI that was displayed at the exhibition made contact with the visitors and displayed its human-like qualities, reported the local media.

Tong Tong is not only equipped with emotional intelligence but also can learn separately like a child. It possesses a vocabulary of more than 600 words and has ability to express joy, anger as well as sorrow. Tong Tong can not only recognize objects and people just like a youngster but can also imitate a child’s behavior and offer natural responses.

The Inventors of the AI child have pointed out that its abilities were never before seen in any AI programmes. The programme video on the AI that was showcased in the event stated that “Tong Tong possesses a mind and strives to understand the common sense taught by humans.” The AI child also possesses to clean up the virtual environment it is living in. This includes wiping up spilled milk and correcting a crooked picture frame.

Zhu Songchun, director of BIGAI unveiled ‘Tong Test’ in the exhibition. The test is something that is a replacement of the ‘Turing Test’ for artificial general intelligence. The Tong Test offers a wider detail as compared to the Turing Test. Turing Test tells whether a human is having an interaction with an AI or a robot.

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