Pass to be Issued Online from Tomorrow by Commissionerate Police

Bhubaneswar: Huge crowds were seen in front of the Commissionerate Police office in Bhubaneswar, since the system of ‘pass’ was introduced yesterday.

A huge confusion was also seen in the various police stations around the twin city.

Twin City Commissioner of Police Sudhanshu Sarangi clarified by way of a tweet today that, ” We are cancelling process of issuing passes to emergency workers as too many people are congregating and social distance cannot be maintained. Please use your I Card for the moment. We will introduce an IT Platform by tomorrow to automate the process of issue of vehicle passes.”

“Those who need to travel due to medical or other emergencies will be allowed if there is a patient or medical paper,” said the tweet.

An online platform will be launched by tomorrow for issuance of vehicle passes to emergency workers and people having urgent work.

In case of emergency, a two hour pass may be issued but details of the same are yet to be provided.

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