Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik announces Rs 1690.46 crore Covid assistance package

Bhubaneswar: Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Thursday announced Covid assistance of Rs 1690.46 crore for the socially and economically weak people of the State. Landless farmers, construction labourers, urban poor men, primitive groups, NREGA workers and physically challenged students will benefit out of it.

On this occasion the CM said that though all classes of people suffered due to Covid pandemic the socially and economically backward people were mostly affected.

During the second wave of Covid, lockdown has been clamped in the State for the last two months. It has weakened backbone of the poor people. Odisha Government has announced the package based to help out them.

Under this package, the 17, 83000 Kalia beneficiaries of the State will be given Rs 1000 each of special assistance. Also, all the landless farmers’ families will be provided assistance in 3 instalments which will cost Rs 207 crore.

Similarly, as per the Mukta yojana, the urban poor people living in the 114 Municipal areas of the State will be provided with Rs 260 crore by 2021 December.

Also, NREGS workers will get Rs 50 extra besides their wage as Chief Minister’s assistance. Govt will bear Rs 300 crore on this in between April 21 to June 21.

When it comes to food security, the beneficiaries will be provided with 5 kgs of rice from July to November 21. Rs 92.86 crore will be spent towards this cost.

As many as 66,214 tribal people from 13 tribes live in the State. Each of these families will be provided with Rs 5000. A sum of Rs 33.10 crore will be spent towards cost of this assistance. This amount will be directly transferred to their bank accounts.

The scholarship amount for the SC and ST students will be sent to the bank accounts of their parents in between April to September 21. Rs 252.35 crore will be spent towards this while 40 thousand students will benefit.

Also, each of the registered construction labourers will be provided with Rs1500 special Covid assistance. Rs 360 will be spent towards this.

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