KIIT student’s initiative to tie radium bands on stray animals to avoid accidents

Bhubaneswar: With an aim to reduce the death of stray animals due to road accidents in the Capital city, an engineering student, Sarthak Panigrahi, has taken on his shoulders the denting task of tying all the stray animals with radium stickers and belts.

For stray cattle, he is tying radium stickers on their horns and belts on the neck of stray dogs. The glow of the radium can be seen from a distance that will avoid road accidents. The reflective tapes ensure long-distance visibility.

Sarthak is a member of KIIT Animal and Environment Society. In the first phase, he has planned to tie the bands on stray animals from OMFED square to Nandankanan.

“With the number of animal accidents rising each year, we understand how important it is to ensure the safety of our voiceless friends. With these reflective collars, vehicles would be able to see the animals even at night, and we believe that it would bring down the number of road accidents involving strays, significantly. Although we started small, we plan on making the “Glow Drive” an annual initiative, covering the entire Temple City of Bhubaneshwar in the years to come,” said Sarthak.

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