Hospitalization, Requirement of Oxygen Less In This Wave: Bijay Mohapatra

Bhubaneswar: The Health Services Director of Odisha, Bijay Mohapatra has addressed the press today and talked about the Covid situation in the state.

Mohapatra informed that, the hospitalization rate in the third wave of Covid in the state of Odisha is negligible.

He further added that the requirement of oxygen in the third, that is the ongoing Covid wave is comparatively less.

He also informed that the general bed occupancy is at 9%, ICU admission is at 15%, and the ventilator support is as less as 5-6%.

As a welcome relief Mohapatra further assured that, the pediatric admission in hospitals is very less.

However Bijay Mohapatra also said that in the given situation it is difficult to predict now whether the Covid cases will rise or drop in the State.

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