From glamour girl to Gangster’s girlfriend: Archana Parida used to visit SCB Medical to meet Haider

Bhubaneswar: In the latest finding in the gangster Haider case it has been learnt that a glamour girl has turned into the girlfriend of the gangster.

Following the arrest of Archana Parida alias Gelhi, who was once an album actress, many new facts have been revealed.

As per reports, once a glamour girl, Archana used to visit SCB Medical on many occasions to meet Haider. She was a member of the Criminal syndicate of Haider. And Haider was spending a lavish time at SCB Medical.

As per reports, besides Gelhi, two other girls also used to visit SCB Medical to meet Haider. These girls had allegedly helped Haider in his escape. Even, Haider was reportedly calling people for extortion money from Gelhi’s mobile phone.

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It has been learnt that initially Gelhi alias Archana Parida had come to Haider for job. She later turned into an aide of the gangster. She used to meet Haider when Haider was coming to Cuttack.

Police are interrogating the three girls. As per reports, these girls are also in relation with the Istiyaz Khan, Haider’s adopted son. Police are now trying to find out – how these girls came in contact with Haider, what are the role of these three girls in Haider’s crime syndicate, Do these girls have any criminal background.

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