Change In +2 Examination Pattern In Odisha This Year, Samir Ranjan Dash

Bhubaneswar: The School and Mass Education Minister of Odisha, Samir Ranjan Dash has announced major changes in the examination pattern of +2 in Odisha.

The questions shall be set from the reduced syllabus pattern for both regular and ex-regular students.

The Minister informed that, 50 percent of the questions will be multiple choice. There will be subjective or long answer type questions worth 20 percent.

According to an earlier notification, the examinations are slated to be held from May 15 to June 11.

It is noteworthy that the schools had been closed down for a period of nine months due to the Covid pandemic.

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  1. Nation First, Always & Everytime says

    Decision by Navin govt to reserve seats in medical and Engineering colleges for students of govt schools will be detrimental for merit,state,nation and human resource development. What guarantee that these students won’t be taking coaching of Allen or Akash? Rather than playing cheap reservation card, playing with an emotional factor Navin govt must improve ifra and recruit meritorious teachers as well as atract students to study in govt schools. What sins we parents have done by sending our children to high cost private schools? No one enjoys coughing up more money. its because Navin govt didn’t give us a good govt school we had no other choice. More and more people and parents need to oppose this mischief of Navin govt.

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