8 feet long python rescued in Odisha’s Kandhamal district

Phulbani: A huge python was spotted in a village of Kandhaml district of Odisha on Wednesday night. The snake was rescued and later released into its natural habitat.

As per reports, a long python snake was first spotted by the villagers in Gudari village near Phulbani of the district. The huge snake had lurked into the village. However, after it was seen by the villagers, they did not harm it and called the members of the Snake Helpline in Phulbani.

Soon, the snake Helpline members visited the village from Phulbani. They cautiously rescued the reptile. The snake was then taken to a lonely and safe place in the jungle and was released into its natural habitat.

The villagers have admired the work of the Snake Helpline number for not only saving the villagers from the snake, but they also appreciated their work for rescuing the snake and releasing it to its natural habitat.

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