Watch: Toddler takes Airport security’s permission to say goodbye to aunt

Internet is filled with amazing toddler videos, these adorable beings often surprise us with their cute little acts. Such a video of a little girl, seeking permission from airport officials to give her aunt a goodbye hug is making rounds on all social media platforms.

In the 17 seconds clip shared by a Twitter handle Kaptan Hindustan, the toddler can be seen taking baby steps towards a security officer. She asks for his permission to meet her aunt.

She waits for the officer’s nod and then runs towards her aunt to give her a warm goodbye hug. The aunt too runs towards her and takes the girl in her arms.

Take a look:

The videos have so far garnered more than 739k views and thousands of comments praising good manners of the child.

One comment read, “Gosh! She’s so cute! Barely a foot and a half high!” and another wrote, “This is how we should be at an airport! Not punching or verbally abusing the airport staff.”

Another Twitter user wrote, “Our future responsible citizen.”

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