WATCH: Guava Seller’s Catchy Song Goes Viral, Netizens Compare Him To ‘Kacha Badam’

The ‘Kacha Badam’ seller seems to have found a substitute, one whom internet users are showering love and affection, a guava seller.

This guava seller has an interesting jingle is has become very popular.

This is how his jingle goes, “Yeh Hari Hari, Kachchi Kachchi, Peeli Peeli, Paki Paki, Meethi Meethi, Gaddar Gaddar, Taaza Taaza, Namak Laga Ke Khaj Khaja, Isme Nai Hai Kisika Saja”


Video Credits: Daily Life Video

One user has said, ” This old gentleman too is trying his luck to shoot to fame just like the kacha badam man …well all the best old man”

Another user by the name of Anubha remarked,” Kaccha badam is the best ❤️”

It is noteworthy that the famous ‘kacha badam’ singer had met with an accident recently but he had received minor injuries and is fine now.

The video was first shared on YouTube and then shared widely on Twitter and other social media platforms.

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