Viral video: 3 dangerous King Cobras suddenly came face to face, watch what happens

Be it marriage, comedy, dance, songs, or dangerous birds or animals, hundreds of videos are going viral on the internet every day.

One such video became viral on social media platforms after it was shared on the Instagram page named helicopter_yatra_. The video shows three king cobras suddenly coming face to face in a forested area.

One can get scared by seeing the king cobras, which are assumed to be more than ten feet long, are in a fighting posture with their necks raised. However, till the end of the video, no one attacked the other.

Though three of them are simply looking at each other, their reaction is worth watching. Within two days, the video has gained lakhs of viewership while hundreds of social media users have liked and commented on the video.

Watch the video here (Sources: helicopter_yatra_)


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  1. Xxyyzz says

    First & foremost these are normal spectacled cobras (Naja Naja), not King cobras (Ophiophagus Hanna). Get your facts right Kalingatv, atleast get your title right.

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