Video of Thailand’s black noodles surfaces online, desi netizens aren’t amused

A video of Thailand's black noodles has surfaced online and desi netizens are disgusted. Some named it 'Venom Noodles'

Asian food has been dominating the world recently. People have been recognizing and appreciating the burst of flavours that these cuisines provide. People from different countries do not hesitate to experiment with these palettes, especially with street food, and come up with fusion dishes. In light of it, a distinctive street food experiment from Thailand has taken aback social media users. The video features Thailand’s black noodles, and while people of this East Asian country highly enjoy them, desi netizens aren’t amused.

Notably, black noodles are made by combining unique black squid ink with normal noodle dough. A video shared on Instagram by a page named ‘Our Collection’ showcases a woman vendor in Thailand cooking black spaghetti. According to the location included in the hashtag, it is believed that the video was filmed in Bangkok. The woman can be seen frying the unusual black noodles in a pan with vegetables and other ingredients, adding salt before thoroughly stirring everything together.

The caption in the post read, “UNIQUE Street Food of Thailand.”

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So far, the clip has garnered more than 5.6 million views and tons of comments. Many compared the spaghetti with the Marvel character ‘Venom’ and called the dish ‘venom noodles’.

Many were also disgusted by the dark black colour of the noodles and said that they looked like worms or tiny snakes. However, some came forward to point out that the unique noodled are indeed quite tasty.

One user wrote, “I was waiting for the noodles to start crawling” and another person said, “Can’t they just eat normal and healthy.” A third person informed, “It’s not anything dangerous….we all should search before commenting negative that’s actually semolina with Inka squid that’s why they are black….”

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