Try these curated Satvik Navratri menus

It’s nine days of fasting and feasting. Don’t fret if you haven’t been able to get the menu right, these top spots have you covered, so go ahead and enjoy a Navratri meal.

Special Navratri Thali

Prepare yourself a unique Navratri Thali. The traditional fasting recipes that can be included in this Navratri Thali and is must have completely Satvik food of Indian origin. Read further to know what to include in your pure vegetarian thali.

  • A 10 dishes nutritious Navratri Thali can be made by bringing together Kuttu ki papdi and Burrata chat with crispy quinoa, Shahi paneer, Aloo ki subji, Samak chawal, Anar raita, Kuttu ki poori, Sabudana papad, and Quinoa Gulab ki kheer. All of the ingredients used to make them are easily available in Indian market.
  • Indulge in special thali including Aloo ki chaat, Kuttu ki Poori, Khatta Meetha Petha, and Samak ke Chawal ka Pulao. Accompany your menu with special Navratri drinks including coconut water and chamomile apple iced tea.

Navaratri Bento boxes for office goers

Make yourself a curated authentic fast-friendly meal to amp up the joy of this festive season of Navratri. Design a menu considering various fasting preferences from people around the nation. Less is easier, go with minimum but nutrition filled dishes to keep you going throughout the day.

  • Aloo Sabudana Vada, Lauki Mawa Curry, Kaju aur Chironji ki Dal, Methi aur Gud ka Sitaphal, Palak Paneer Roll Curry, Samak ke Chawal ki Tehri, Kuttu ka Dahi Bhalla with Rajgira ki Puri and Methi Lassi; are some of the options to pick for your delicious Bento Box. However, as these are a little time consuming, meal prep the previous night and if you make enough you don’t have to cook for every meal but can repeat it throughout the day.

These dishes are perfectly balanced with each other. In addition, delicious Petha Halwa filled with scrumptious nuts can covered on all your sweet cravings.

Meanwhile, if you don’t have enough time to make any of those, or are looking for more simpler and continental options then go for- Asian Herb Broth, Pomelo Salad, Crisp Lotus Stem, Vegetable Pocket, Exotic Stir Fry Asian Greens and Chili Basil Samak Fried Rice with Yuzu Baked Yogurt.

Navaratri is said to be the purest nine days of the year as people prefer vegetarian food that too without onion and garlic, and try to stay connected to their spiritual side the most. The time of year is when people fast and feast! starting the celebrations with Navratras, which is observed for nine days in India.

For people who observe fasts during those nine days, smoothies, and snacks, are always best to keep in handy in order to not get dehydrated or fatigue.

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