Surprise! Groom gifts donkey to bride on wedding, watch viral video

A Pakistani man surprised his bride with a pet donkey during wedding, the wholesome video will melt your heart.

Gifts are one of the best things about marriages. It is the day to shine for bride and groom and bask in the love and presents by the guests. However, one handout that matters the most to every couple is the one given by their partner. Hence, choosing a wedding gift that screams “special” is an important and thoughtful task. In light of it, where most of us’ ideas are limited to dishes and jewelries, a Pakistani man decided to gift something totally different and unexpected to his bride.

The groom named Azlan gifted a donkey to his bride Warisha. Yes, you heard it right. Apparently, Warisha loves donkeys as she is impressed by their hard-working nature. This is why the bridegroom decided to gift her one. The clip of the moment was shared on Instagram by Abdul Samad Zia wedding with the caption, ‘Ab Sawal hai kae Ghadda hi kyu?’ – Azlan explaining himself.
This Wedding Gift from Azlan to Warisha is hilarious and the most cutest – Best part is they both plan to adopt the baby donkey!”

“Azlan&Warisha, finally came to a conclusion – Certainly the most energetic couple ever!”the caption concluded.

Watch Video Here:

So far, the clip has garnered more than 303k views and tons of comments. While some were amused at the unusual gift, others praised the couple for adopting the donkey. Many also wished the couple good luck for their future ahead.

“Yahan tau log insaan ki izzat nai kartay tau gaddha tau doooor ki baat! Anyways, kuch tau log kahen gy logon ka kaam hai kehna. Let the people be! Amazing choice of gift! Really appreciate your and warisha’s love for animals! Jeetay rahen shaad o abaad rahen!” one person wrote. Another commented, “Bless this sweet innocent animal. Hope he gets the home he deserves.”

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