Selfie with wild animals can be tragic: Watch video here to know why

People from all age groups and especially youngsters are very fond of taking selfie in these days. Many tragic incidents have also been reported in which people have died due to their passion for selfie. Here another point can be remembered that a selfie with an animal, especially a wild animal may turn tragic.

IFS Susanta Nanda has recently shared a video clip where we can see that a tiger makes a long jump along the water source to catch a small girl. Of course, this little girl was not taking a selfie rather she had given pose for a still photo that was being snatched by someone else. Besides, there was a strong glass cover in between the kid and the beast, for which the girl do not gets harmed. Of course, the girl gets seriously frightened as she runs away from the place. Think, if there would not have any glass cover; the small girl would have been preyed by the tiger.

Sushanta Nanda posted the video and wrote in the caption, “Selfie with animals can be tragic. Happily the kid was unharmed here because of the glass cover. All will not be lucky as her. And remember, for momentary pleasure of having a photo, many wild animals are spending their life in enclosures. ”

And another unbelievable thing in the video is the huge jump by the tiger. It crosses the whole water body with a single jump.

Watch the video here:

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