‘Ridiculous crowd behaviour’ towards elephant herd earns criticism from netizens, watch

‘Ridiculous crowd behaviour’ towards a herd of elephants has earned huge criticism from netizens. In a recent video it was seen that a crowd comprising of a few youths were trying to get closer towards an elephant herd. Even a youth probably is holding a stone to pelt on the pachyderms if necessary. And this behaviour has been criticised by netizens.

Sharing the video on Twitter IFS officer Susanta Nanda wrote in the caption, “Ridiculous crowd behaviour. An elephant herd with young calf can be highly aggressive. Don’t put your life at stake. Allow them safe passage. They have the first right.”

The Twitter user has cautioned that an elephant herd with young calf can be highly aggressive. He has advised to not to put life at risk by showing such ‘ridiculous’ behaviour.

After getting uploaded to Twitter today the video has already earned about 35k likes within these few hours. Even many users conveyed their dissatisfaction for the behaviour of the crowd seen in the video and filled the comment box to express their anger.

“Sir, please some action to put these guys behind bars,” commented a user. “I think it would have been better if the elephants had taught them a lesson  sir,” wrote another user in his comment.

“They shud be arrested and prosecuted for such behaviour…one question do they do the same when they see families around,” another user commented while another Twitter user commented, “These people should be fined.”

Yet another user wrote, “The Elephant Keeps Walking as the Dogs Keep Barking.”

“Such is the youth and we expect them to be environment and wildlife conscious! Sorrento #NOHOPE,” a user commented.

Yet another user commented, “Seriously !  they are just  lucky,” while another user asked, “Janwar kon hai???”

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