Mother Kangaroo adorably hugs her baby, video goes viral: Watch

A mother kangaroo was seen adorably hugging and smothering its baby with kisses in a recent video. Posted to Twitter by IAS Supriya Sahu the incredible video has so far earned more than 58k views after being posted merely a few hours ago today.

As we can see in the video a mother kangaroo is adorably hugging her child while she is smothering the baby kangaroo with kisses. It was recorded by someone and later the clip went viral on social media. The post has also received more than 360 retweets, 2046 likes as well as 23 quote tweets.

People came up with comments praising the video. A user wrote, “A mother is a mother, be it an animal or a human being, she loves her child very much. May Allah bless all the mothers. Amen Yarab Al-Alameen,” while another commented,” Yes that’s the purest love in the world. Mother is an inexplicable phenomenon known for daring love.”

Yet another user commented, “Very cute video.. Mothers 😍 is  most beautiful thing in the world.”

Watch the video here:

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