Miracle ! Water constantly pouring out of tube-well in Malkangiri

Malkangiri: In an astonishing instance, it has been seen that water is incessantly coming out of a tube well in Chhatishgarh. The tube-well is in the Tandempada village in Bijapur district of Chattishgarh close to Odisha’smalkangiri. However, the locals believe it to be a supernatural thing. They are of the opinion that this miraculous happening is forced by a divine cause as a Durga Maa temple is nearby.

Hundreds of people flocking to the spot to witness the miracle. Many of them are also offering worship believing it to be a godly process.

The village is situated at a distance from the district headquarter of Bijapur.

Merely after digging 10 feet water started to ooze out when the digging of the tubewell was going on. However, the machine dug 40-feet more.

Water from the hand-pump keeps oozing throughout the day and night.

Meanwhile, some researchers have claimed it to be the effect of gravitational force for which the water is flowing in reversed direction.

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